Since 1982, Barnard Architects has practiced architecture in the Savannah area, passionately involved with clients in design, planning, building, renovating, and historic preservation.

L. Scott Barnard   Principal Architect

L. Scott Barnard  Principal Architect

Robert J. Portman   Principal Architect

Robert J. Portman  Principal Architect

John A. Clegg   Principal Architect

John A. Clegg  Principal Architect


Dedicated to providing a quality service and product that meets our client's needs, we believe that good architecture involves:

  • Understanding our client's needs and comprehending our client's budget and time parameters
  • Orchestrating the complex journey a project experiences
  • Producing a progressive, innovative and superior design

From the conception of good ideas to construction, the evolution of a design can be both involved and enjoyable.

Our practice is diverse, including planning, landscape and interior design, historic preservation and non-historic renovation. This diversity allows us to bring an enhanced base of knowledge and experience to our work because each client's project is unique: one project's unusual challenge may be commonplace for another.  Our clients benefit from our collective experience, creating a solution tailored to their specific needs - a better architecture.

Quality architecture connects with the unique location and surrounding context, and outwardly manifests the function and character through its appearance.
— L. Scott Barnard